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Optimizer selects a group of frames based on the criteria set by the user. This criteria corresponds with location and audience metrics. On top of the Optimization window, the maximum number of faces to select is indicated. In the down middle all audience and location available metrics. In the “Weight” column, user must establish the percentage of each criteria to be taken into account during the process. The sum of all percentages distributed must be 100% in order to enable the button of “Optimise Selection”. The graphic on the top left side of the window shows the sharing percentages by criteria categories in LOCATION and TARGET criteria.


As a result of the Auto Frame Selection process, two new columns will be added to the Frame Selection tab: the first column (Auto Selected) shows for every frame if it has been selected or not based on the accomplishment of the established criteria; the second column (Ranking Auto Selection) shows the selection order of the frames based on the accomplishment grade of established criteria. If “”Target Reach Accumulated” metric has been selected as a criteria in the Auto Frame Selection process, it would also appear a third column which would show the coverage contribution of the selected frames.