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CUENDE Infometrics is a Spanish company dedicated to design and develop information and control systems in the areas of marketing, advertising and the Internet. CUENDE Infometrics was created in 1991 by José María Cuende and Daniel Cuende, with the name of Cuende Associates, renamed CUENDE Infometris in 2002.


  • 1991: Foundation of the company.
  • 1993: Develop of QRP's (Quality Rating Points) of TV.
  • 1994: Launch of MONET (Control of advertising effectiveness on TV).
  • 1994: Creation of the study MIRO (Outdoor advertising effectiveness).
  • 1995: Launch of INSUMO (Purchase intention and consumer products).
  • 1998: Digitally selected to develop the analysis of audiences and consumer satisfaction of digital television.
  • 1999: Creation of GEOMEX (audience measurement from the external environment).
  • 2000: Conception of NEURALEXT (Neural Networks for efficacy prediction outer).
  • 2001: Develop of WEBMETRIA (Usability analysis and optimization of web sites).
  • 2002: Conception of SCREEN ANALYZER (Web users conduct monitoring sites).
  • 2003: Implementation of GOGH (Geomarketing studies with displacement of individuals to evaluate commercial spaces).
  • 2003: Creation of VISIT SOURCE (Record of the origin of website prescriptors).
  • 2004: Launch of ICR (Analysis of the attractiveness of competing brands on the Internet).
  • 2004: Implementation of GEOTRANS (Urban vehicles Advertising Audience).
  • 2004: Opening of new offices in the business campus Arbea due to the growth of the company.
  • 2005: Development monitoring service sponsored links (adwords) in major Internet search engines.
  • 2006: Launch of GEOMETRO (Hearing Metro and trains).
  • 2006: Consulting services developing online marketing.
  • 2006: Winners of the international competition of out of home audience measurement in Australia, within the consortium Move.
  • 2009: Strategic agreement with Telmar.
  • 2010: CUENDE Infometrics and Telmar win the international competition for the development of planning software of Outdoor Advertising in UK.

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