Dynamic Frames

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Step 1

Notice there is scrolling text at the bottom of the screen indicating how many dynamic frames you have selected out of your total frames selected. In this example I have selected 3 dynamic frames.

This indicates that the frames are digital, rotating or scrolling


  • Activate Scrolling Frames: This option allows you to choose the number of ‘Advertising Faces’ out of the total number of faces available. You can change the number of ‘Total Faces’ to coincide with your frame information. The percentage exposure located in the top right corner automatically updates.
  • Activate Percentage: This option allows you to amend the overall percentage exposure for your dynamic frames. Drag the indicator on the Percentage Exposure bar to your required exposure and the ‘Percentage Exposure’ display in the top right corner will be automatically updated.
  • Activate Time Fraction: This option allows you to amend the exposure advertising time and works this out as a percentage of your total cycle duration. You can amend both the ‘exposure ad time’ and ‘total cycle duration’.

Once you have input your dynamic frame information click on the ‘Quick Evaluation’ tab at the top of the screen or the next button.