Frame Filtering

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It allows to search specific frames by each variable.

You can filter each of your columns by clicking on the filter symbol next to each column heading.


To filter your frames by dimension code, un-tick the sheet sizes that you don’t want to appear in the frame grid and select OK. For example to view 48 sheet sizes only, un-tick 6 and 96 sheet size boxes and click OK.

Alternatively you can search via the box provided and type in your required filter. E.g. type in 48 sheet size

To remove the filter, click on the filter symbol next to the column heading and click Clear Filter.


Custom Filtering

Select ‘Available Filters’ and click on ‘Custom’ to view your customise options. These will act as filtering rules for your frame selection.

This will enable you to apply multiple filtering rules. For example you can filter on frames that contain 48 sheet sizes and frames that do not contain 96 sheet sizes / filter on frames that contain 48 sheet sizes or frames that contain 96 sheet sizes