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GEOMETRO is the study of audience measurement of Outdoor Advertising in Metro and commuter trains in Madrid and Barcelona. Developed by CUENDE Infometrics counted as collaborating companies with JCDecaux and Publimedia and collaboration with the Metro de Madrid and Barcelona TMB. The data is integrated into Geomex, Quantum and TOM Micro. The methodology was presented at the conference of ARF Audience Measurement 2007 in New York.


1. Survey to register all usual movements from individuals in Madrid and Barcelona and their metropolitan area. The capture of the journeys is done by personal interviews with a tablet PC, on digital cartography and software developed by CUENDE Infometrics.

2. Realisation of a specific cartography of every tube station to identify of each area: platforms, hall, transit routes, stairs and advertising supports.

3. Calculate the visibility of each support according their specific features.

4. Analysis of the most probable routes incurred by the target depending on the frequency or the habit of realization of the journey.

5. Calculate the audience of each support after crossing all described aspects.

Technical Features

Field work: 8700 interviews in the metropolitan áreas of Madrid and Barcelona on digital cartography.

Codified sections:

  • 274 stations.
  • 730 subway stations.
  • 1355 input and output platforms.
  • 4325 corridors.
  • 6453 advertising supports.

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