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The .txt file with the Points of Interest will compulsorily contain two columns with the information of the latitude and longitude of every point of interest that is going to be located. The file will be able to contain other kind of information, but latitude and longitude in columns are the essential data to locate the POIs.


The requirements for the .txt file to import the POIs are the following:

  • Punctuation sign separating the coordinate from its decimals will be a comma (exported coordinates from Google come expressed with dots)
  • Separation between data of latitude and longitude is established by a tabulation.
  • The first row will contain the headers of “Latitude” and “Longitude”, to recognize easily by the system the information corresponding to each coordinate. These headers will also be separated by a tabulation.

Once open the window to import the POIs file, it will be necessary to look the location path of the file, indicate to the program where to find the information for latitude and longitude, read the file, name it and indicate the publication mode of the POIs layer that is going to be generated (Public, Shared, Company (Internal R/W), Company (Internal Read Only) and User Creator (Secret).